The Wyandot County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Wyandot County DD) has developed social media channels to share information, photos, videos, educational articles, and more. We encourage you to follow, view, and engage in Wyandot County DD’s social media sites, noting the opinions and comments expressed on these sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions/thoughts of Wyandot County DD. If you have an emergency to report, please call 911. If you have an MUI to report, please utilize the appropriate method of doing so. Do not use this method of communication for an emergency or to report an MUI!

By accessing, viewing and/or posting to Wyandot County DD’s social media sites you recognize and agree to the following terms of use:
  1. You are at least 13 years old.
  2. If you are an employee, individual, provider or a covered entity under federal HIPAA regulations, you may not post any content containing Personal Health Information, including images and videos of individualswithout permission from the individual, parent, or guardian.
  3. By utilizing these social media sites, you agree that any content posted or sent to our pages, will not breach any laws or regulations, such as copyright. In addition, you will not transmit any material in any manner that is illegal, embarrassing, derogatory, threatening, disrespectful, abusive, harassing, or is offensive as solely determined by Wyandot County DD.
  4. Wyandot County DD reserves the right to monitor and/or terminate your access and remove any content to the social media sites at any time, without notice and for any reason as desired.
  5. As a non-partisan, governmental entity, Wyandot County DD reserves the right to remove partisan comments, as well as any content not following the social media guidelines or by any applicable law.
  6. Wyandot County DD reserves the right to reproduce and publish any content (including photos and videos) shared or sent to any Wyandot County DD social media site as deemed appropriate by Wyandot County DD.
  7. By utilizing this site, you shall not hold Wyandot County DD and or its representatives liable for any reason, whatsoever.
Your use of Wyandot County DD’s social media sites is acceptance of this policy and has the same effect as if you have physically signed an agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, you may not view or post any content to any Wyandot County DD social media site.
Please note: these terms may be updated at any point and each time a user accesses a social networking site, the new terms of use will be in effect.

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