“Early intervention” is the provision of services and support to enhance a family’s ability to meet the specialized developmental needs of their young child. The purpose is to teach and coach parents/families strategies to promote the growth and development of their child with a developmental delay. The primary provider of these parent teaching and coaching strategies is the Developmental Specialist, a state-certified specially trained early childhood professional. The Developmental Specialist and the other EI team members recognize and respect that parents/families are a child’s first and best teachers. Early Intervention seeks to provide tools and resources to caregivers/parents to give them confidence in their parenting role.

Expectations & Goals of Early Intervention

Are you unsure what to expect as you begin Early Intervention services or do you not quite understand the goal of Early Intervention? Check out our videos below to help give you a glimpse of what to expect!

“Early Intervention has been really helpful. Mila has made so much progress. We have had a lot of success and lots of progress with Mila!”


-Abbey Kimmel, Mila's Mother

Coordinated, flexible, and responsive

Family-centered, community-based, and responsible to the interests, priorities and needs of the family

Provided in natural environments whenever possible

Culturally sensitive to the diversity in beliefs, values, and family structures

Empowering and confidence-building for families

Future-oriented, to help families transition successfully to the next environment, which may include preschool

Are you concerned about your child’s development?  To make a referral, call 1-800-755-GROW or email an EI Developmental Specialist [email protected]  or a Wyandot County EI Service Coordinator at [email protected]